Multi-faceted oneness. 

Impermanent Variations


Marco Minghetti and Fabiana Cutrano

Illustrated by Stefano Faravelli

Multi-faceted, your life and you.
I have you, that of today;
I know you by now, I penetrate
in labyrinths, easy
thanks to you, to your hand.
And my times, yes.
Yet you are
farther on yourself,
as the light and the world:
days, nights, summers,
winters follow each other.
Fatally, you transform,
and are always you,
in your same change,
with the constant
faithfulness of changing.

Pedro Salinas

First Variation

Second Variation

Third Variation

Fourth Variation 

Fifth Variation

Sixth Variation

Seventh Variation

Eighth Variation

Ninth Variation

Tenth Variation

Eleventh Variation

Twelfth Variation

Thirteenth Variation

Fourteenth Variation

Fifteenth Variation

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