The Humanistic Management chair

In the same year (2006), Minghetti edited for Etas the Italian translation of The Medici Effect, the American bestseller by Frans Johansson (Harvard University) on the new forms of business creativity, whose roots have been identified in the interdisciplinary practices of the Renaissance Medici court.

With Cutrano, he introduces the ETAS book Television and theatre in business by Andrea Notarnicola, who develops in this work the chapter written by Minghetti contained  in the humanistic management Manifesto, and published for Guerini the essay Dalla prescrizione alla narrazione (From prescription to narration), that is included by Vodafone in a miscellaneous volume dealing with the most innovative personnel management, training and development.

Finally the Pavia Unversity, on initiative of Giampaolo Azzoni established the first Italian chair formally entitled “Humanistic Management”, that is entrusted to Marco Minghetti.