Founder and CEO of Humanistic Management 2.0, since April 2011


Professor of Humanistic Management at the University of Pavia since 2005. Lecturer in Management at several Italian Universities

Freelance journalist. Write a blog called Le Aziende InVisibili since 2007 for Nòva24, the weekly magazine on Innovation and Creativity published by Il Sole 24 Ore


2009 to 2011  Fondazione Italiana ACCENTURE

Joined Fondazione Italiana Accenture as Managing Director in March 2009 for the purpose of creating the social media ideaTRE60 . Its aim was to generate innovation for the benefit of society as a whole by sharing skills and leading to the execution of tangible initiatives.

After a year of project development and networking aimed at identifying the best partners, the social media was officially launched on March 3rd 2010 with simultaneous presentation of the partners who are highly representative of the worlds it intends to link: from Fondazione Umberto Veronesi to Consip, Milan Polytechnic to the National Science and Technology Museum, Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso to EXPO 2015.

300 people participated in the first Competition for ideas, submitting 115 project ideas. The winning project will be executed in the coming months. The “Idee al Futuro” (ideas for the future) competition for students attending schools affected by the earthquake in Abruzzo, and the “Give Mind a Chance!” competition supported by Itaca Association and aiming to offering work experience for people with mental disorders, are currently on line.


2001 – 2009     ENI GROUP

Joined Eni Corporate University in July 2006 as Director of Scuola Enrico Mattei and Head of ENI-University Relationships, reporting directly to the Managing Director of Eni Corporate University. In this role, doubled the productivity of the oldest and most prestigious managerial training school in Italy, cutting costs by half and conducting an in-depth review of the teaching programs in collaboration with the line. Thanks to the renewed prestige of the School, Eni was the most desirable company among new graduates in 2007.

Founded I.A.A.S.M. the “International Alumni Association of Scuola Mattei”, an association for the promotion of culture and science, in September 2007.

As Head of Relationships with the University, managed around twenty technical and economics Masters with the support of the leading Universities in Italy, as well tens of agreements at national and international level.

Appointed Head of In-house Communications at Eni in April 2001. Reapplied the model developed in the previous position at Agip, extending it at Corporate level, with strong emphasis on new, web-based communication tools but also on the updating of traditional, paper-based and face-to-face methods. In particular, re-engineered the Eni Intranet, merging all the existing tools operating at individual Company/Country level, creating a single backbone of communication between all ENI Units in 60 different countries and thus achieving massive economies of scale and promoting much greater efficiency of operating processes.

Production of the Personae magazine, acknowledged for the originality of its graphic design and innovative contents.

 1988 – 2001  AGIP GROUP

Head of Planning and Development of Personnel at Agip S.p.A. since January 1997.

Completed a radical review of the Planning and Development tools directing them towards a “Balanced Scorecard” approach. In charge of the budget for all Group personnel and the assigning of all MBO, in addition to the assessment of potential at director, middle-management and new graduate level.

Head of Communications and In-house Relationships from June 1992.

Appointed Head of Relationships with Universities in January 1990.

In April 1988, joined Agip S.p.A.  a Company owned by Eni for production and research into hydrocarbons, where gained experience in the Recruitment, management and development of Human Resources.


  • General Secretary of I.A.A.S.M, Scuola Mattei ex alumni Association from 2007 to 2009
  • National Board Member of AIDP (Italian Association for the Management of Personnel) in the period spanning 1995-2005. National Vice-President until July 2003.
  • President (1993-1998) of the Scientific Committee of BibliotecaAgip (a series of books designed by            the candidate and published by Sperling & Kupfer and Frassinelli with the support of Agip)
  • Founder (March 1997) and Publishing Director of the bimonthly magazine Hamlet until July 2003, initially distributed with the magazine Espansione and subsequently with the magazine L’Impresa.
  • Author of several volumes and numerous articles on managerial topics, also in collaboration with leading names in economics and Italian and International culture.


Born in Milan on March 8th 1963. In December 1987 awarded a Degree in Philosophy at Milan State University, (final grade 110 with honors).