Web Opera 

The images of Le Aziende InVisibili by Luigi Serafini enrich the visionary spirit of the work, guiding the imagination toward surreal landscapes. In this frame born the Web Opera Project. The graphic of the book in fact reminds a Companies Intranet, a sort of Tableau de Bord that supports the management decision with a lot (un)useful information, data, graphs and so on. In the wider side of each page of the romance you find the text of the narrative, in the thinner a “In-Visible Scorecard” that offers some indicator for its interpretation: the progressive number of each Episode, an I Ching Hexagram connected with the Episode, in the Boaz or Jakin version, a link with the original Calvino’s text, and so on. Besides you can find the soundtrack that defines the mood of the Episode. In short you have all the elements for a screenplay: on this basis, born the idea of a Web Opera, on which some  artists created 20 videoclips with various techiques.

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