In March 2010  Minghetti as Editor in Chief launched “ideaTRE60”  (created for Fondazione Italiana Accenture),  the first Italian social media focused on Social Innovation: a concrete way to put in practice the principal assumptions of Humanistic Management (Business Ethics, Cross-Disciplinary approach, emphasis on the role of the New Technologies, ecc.).

The core of ideaTRE60 is the “Concorri” (Joining a Contest’ ) area, in which is possible to launch call for ideas with the aim of activating the collective intelligence in order to find “new sustainable ideas that work”. In this way we are giving the chance to ideaTRE60 Community members
–to show their talent to the Business Community (then  to a lot of potential Employers)  in a  really concrete way
–to increase their Employment and Business skills working on line with experts (i.e professors and researchers coming from the most important italian Universities) and tutors (i.e.  Accenture managers).

–and finally to partecipate into the achievement of their ideas with a pre-definened budget, offered non only by Fondazione Italiana Accenture, but by Corporations or Public Organizations, eventually in collaboration with Fondazione Italiana Accenture.

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